Monthly Archives: July 2000

I just got the nicest

I just got the nicest e-mail. It was from Carrie over at Agent Diesel making sure it was okay if she linked to my site. Of COURSE I said okay. Then I went and checked out her page, and found I’m linked at the bottom along with phattitude, Blogger, and That is some great company, and I’m honored. Thank… (more…)

Kitty needs some interactivity. Here's

Kitty needs some interactivity. Here’s a little job for you. Go take a look at my music collection, then tell me what to play. It’s an all-request blog for the next few hours. All participants get a mention.

What was it I said

What was it I said about the comic book Red Star earlier? Uh…I don’t remember. But I think it was weak, because I just finished the second issue and I’m stunned. The layout, the art, the combination of hand-work and CGI, the writing…this will be a premier work this year. Comic fans: Go. Buy. This. Book.

Four hours left. The time

Four hours left. The time is going by so quickly. It’s strange, I’m becoming more and more detached from the task itself. Some voice in the back of my head is asking why, but it’s so far removed from the act of sitting down and deciding what to type–it’s like I have two brains. It’s like the last 20 hours… (more…)

Welcome Crystal at Frequent Thoughts!

Welcome Crystal at Frequent Thoughts! She’s our newest Poser. She has a really clean, pleasant design. Go say hello.

I realized a little while

I realized a little while ago that I haven’t taken the time today to go through my own favorite links. I haven’t done MY reading for the day. Been too busy blogging. Time to cruise.

Soon, there will be stories

Soon, there will be stories about my mother. That’s the only way this can end.

Five hours. I'm amazed myself.

Five hours. I’m amazed myself. I never expected to get this far or feel this good. I can’t believe I’m still forming full sentences.

Dang, just finished herding a

Dang, just finished herding a really stupid wasp out of the house. You would think that if I opened the front door, and that was the brightest thing in the house, that the stupid thing would go out. Or maybe they’re attracted to shade. I don’t know. Anyway, I had to herd the thing out with a broom. Rrrrr.

Wow. That's a lot more

Wow. That’s a lot more embarrassing than my story. I have nothing to touch that. So I’ll just tell a different story. My first “real” (read: first guy I had sex with) boyfriend and I used to go to school really early and sneak into the light booth in the school theater. The booth was in the center of the… (more…)