Monthly Archives: July 2000

I finished watching Get Bruce

I finished watching Get Bruce a while ago. Very, very interesting. A lot of things I didn’t know. They even talk about the infamous Ted Danson black face incident. I recommend this to anyone who’s into entertainment and would like a peek behind the scenes.

It's time to watch another

It’s time to watch another movie in 15-minute increments. I rented Topsy-Turvy and Mumford, and I bought copies of Eye of the Beholder and Dogma. Lots to love.

I came home with straight

I came home with straight Pepsi, rather than my regular Mountain Dew. After too many days of Dew, it starts to taste like ketchup. Really cold, runny ketchup. That’s just wrong. So I’m on Pepsi for a while.

I have arrived back home

I have arrived back home in time to inform the general populace that I have 9 hours of blogging to go. That means, for the hyperbole impaired, that I’VE BLOGGED EVERY FIFTEEN MINUTES FOR FIFTEEN HOURS! Hey Andre, tell me this is a record.

Wow, okay, I'm starting to

Wow, okay, I’m starting to get tired. I need to put on some traveling clothes and make a quick trip to the store for more caffeine. Worry not, my dearies. I’ll be back in 15.

Speaking of Ritchie, he's back

Speaking of Ritchie, he’s back from lunch and keeping me company again. He was fixing a cheese smokey, and it exploded when he stuck the fork in. For some reason, I find that hilarious. It could be sleep deprivation. It could just be that an exploding cheese smokey is pretty damned funny.

So Ritchie says I should

So Ritchie says I should talk about embarrassing moments. He says that might be fun. I said yeah, for YOU. But okay, I kinda got one. The best part about it is the other party may even see this. He’s around somewhere. When I was in high-school, I fit in nowhere and everywhere. A lot of people knew my name… (more…)

I can't believe I only

I can’t believe I only have 10 hours left. Surprisingly, this is going by very quickly. Why do I get the feeling I’m going to eat those words?

Kelly is my "movie buddy",

Kelly is my “movie buddy”, but we spend quite a bit of time together. He has an incredible mind for detail. He’s the one that likes his discs upright in the jewel case. He can remember the last several years of Academy Awards. He remembers movies, directors, actors, characters…he’s a walking imdb. To top it off, he’s also a great… (more…)

I will now proceed to

I will now proceed to talk trash about my friends. Kidding. But I thought it would be fun to introduce everyone. I’ve known Darin for over ten years. He was my fashion role-model in the early 90s. Thank goodness. Of course these days I’ve gone back to dressing like my mom, but that’s another story. Darin is sharp as hell,… (more…)