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I actually have about 16

I actually have about 16 hours to go, but thanks–I’ll take your early congrats as a prophecy of success!

16 hours to go. I'm

16 hours to go. I’m tired of calling myself an asshole for wasting a post on my hourly status. So instead, I’ll be a bunghole. Bungholio!

So I'm trying to do

So I’m trying to do things so I have something to talk about here, but does anyone care that I’m lacing up the new Chucks and putting them in the closet? Didn’t think so. Only slightly more interesting is the fact that I put them in beside the orange Chucks, and I tend to get pink and orange mixed up.… (more…)

It makes me nuts

It makes me nuts when I can’t find something. After I’ve looked in about four places, I start swearing and fuming. It’s silly, really, but that’s me. I often harangue about the corporate oligarchy and greed and the media and how we’re all sheep…you know all the stock phrases. These are all good reasons to simplify one’s life, and have… (more…)

Know what sucks? That

Know what sucks? That humans don’t have tails. Think of the fashion possibilities alone. There would be special dye for tail fur. Tail rings, tail tattoos, tail piercings. Tail clothing for Winter, as it would only be hip to bare the tail during the Summertime. Of course if we had tails in reality, they would either be hairless, or covered… (more…)

17 to go. I'm still

17 to go. I’m still an asshole. Not sure that’s still funny, but I’m gonna keep doing it.

Church on Halsey at about

Church on Halsey at about 112th: “Smooth seas don’t make skillful sailors.”

If you're following this traffic

If you’re following this traffic accident, see an update, and rush in here to find I’ve spewed NO pithy comments for you to share with your friends, it’s probably because the update was me changing the disk. See above. I’m purposely not putting my music on repeat so I have to get up and change it.



Thanks, Peter! You know, I've

Thanks, Peter! You know, I’ve always liked that name. And no, that’s not a stupid pun or naughty joke. I just like the name Peter. Pronounced with an English accent. Petah.