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There is something particularly thrilling about stuffing connectors in a hub and, for the first time, starting up two computers at home. And having them run, connect, etc. I know a lot of people have rooms filled with computers, but I've always considered myself a Geek Lite, happy with just one, never needing to tinker much. Firing up my soon-to-be server makes me feel...serious. Cool.

What a fun idea. I'll give it a try, but I don't remember much:


That was pretty damned fun. Mayor Vera had a big "millenium" party in the Square, and I went down with Dave and Megan and we ran around taking pics of strangers all night. It was packed, it was crazy, a smashing time was had by all. Here's one of the more classic pics of that night:


I'm pretty sure I spent this NY at Kelly's. We played games, watched Dick Clark, and went on the patio to make noise at midnight. Quiet fun with friends.

I don't remember anything before that. Boy, is that pathetic or what?