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Thanks to Blogger, I can still post to my blog, even though my site is down. Yay!

So everything went down this morning at about 6:45 am. Everything. I called my ISP only to get the message: "We're sorry, but we cannot take your call due to an emergency in the building..." Uh oh. So I'm a little concerned that I'm going to be down for a long damned time. I mean, what if their building burned to the ground? Sigh. On the bright side, I'm glad they're just my ISP and not my hosting company. Losing my connection is one thing, but losing my data would freak my shit out. Yeah, I have backups, but still.

I'm actually here to share a bit from an Onion article on bicycle safety:

"Always wear a helmet. If this makes you uncomfortable, think of the helmet as a crown and yourself as King Dorko."

Somehow, that makes me feel better about not wearing a freakin' helmet. Of course, I don't ride on the street much (I've got a straight-shot to work through Waterfront Park), so it's not that big a deal. Cars do scare me.

I've got the new Bridie on repeat. It's fantastic. Moody, carefully-crafted. Takes a couple listenings to get under your skin, but once it's there, it's permanent. Anyway, there's a song called Salt, and the hook is: "I don't want to go no further, you can if you want to." And I thought: ooh, what a sexy little teasing thing to say. Then it dawned on me...Bridie doesn't do a lot of lust songs. So I listened more closely, and sure enough, it's about eedjits getting lost in the Outback. Well, it's still a sexy little teasing thing to say. I think I'll use it one of these days.

Kitty had a bit of an Aussie fest last night. Okay, not a "bit" of one. A major, full-on, Aussie OD. Two CDs arrived from Chaos Music, and I went on a little shoppie with Janie (who's blog will soon be getting an overhaul courtesy of yours truly). The result:

David Bridie, Act of Free Choice

I've only listened once, but boy has he ever gone mellow. Apparently it was the other members of Not Drowning, Waving that had the pep in their step. Nonetheless, the sound is most excellent and eclectic. Love this guy.

My love affair with Neil Finn continues.

The sound on this disk is a bit retro. I can't think of anyone who produces more consistently excellent music. He never lets me down. This one will be on repeat for a few days.

Powderfinger's Oddysey Number Five

These guys are a new obsession. Huge in Australia and just catching on here--I missed them when they played Portland a month ago. I have a feeling I won't be able to afford them when they come back. A solid band with great writing and good production. I'm looking forward to exploring their catalog. And finally...

Yes, I bought it.

Be a snob if you like, but I loved Gladiator, and want to watch it a few more times.

Quick hint to those who send help requests like "I can't print" or "I'm locked up": the less you tell me, the less I care! Jeezus, it takes ten freaking emails to get anything out of some people. Luckily, most of them are in the same office, but believe me it DOES piss me off if I have to go to someone's station because they are unable to communicate. I think I'll change this one's wallpaper to "too stupid to use a computer."

I decided to hop a bus home today, and was musing quietly to myself about getting home and watching the end of a movie where uttering "steak and kidney" has a salutory affect on Sean Pertwee, when I glanced up to find hanging from a lamppost a most helpful banner declaring that March is Kidney Month. "Get informed," said the banner, "get tested." So I tested a bit, and discovered that yes, I do indeed have kidneys! Thank goodness for Kidney Month, or I might never have known! For heaven sakes, I hope April is Spleen Month, because I've never been able to figure out that bugger.