Monthly Archives: May 2001

Kelly has blessed many people with his VCR. He taped the finales of X-Files and Voyager for me, which I watched with great enjoyment. Then I discovered that Paul had missed the X-Files finale, so I sent the tape on to Chicago. Next, I discovered Tracy had missed the Voyager finale, so Paul will be sending the tape back to Medford, Oregon. He's sending it Saturday, so some time in the middle of next week, the Happy Tape will again be available. Did you miss either of these finales? Would you like to be the next in line to receive the Happy Tape? It's getting a bit worn at this point, but should still be watchable. Let me know, first come first served. You must be willing to forward the tape on if someone else gets in line. Happy Tape wants to see you.

I should be asleep. I wonder how many blog entries begin that way? We are a late-night bunch. In any case, I'm up doing a mix (hi Stuart!), but not the mix I'm supposed to be doing (hi Jamie!). That's alright, I'll get to it tomorrow. Or the next day. I did try to sleep for a while. The air was heavy, my neighbors were playing music just quietly enough so I can't complain, and I had my nightly thought about Death. It's getting to be a nasty habit. Laying on my side, my thoughts some horrible accident, or a burst appendix, or apnea, or any number of ways to die. And then I'm frightened. I'm afraid of death for a couple of reasons. First, I really dig being alive, and the thought that it could suddenly be all over scares the piss out of me. Second, I don't have any faith in a hereafter. That can be a very comforting thing. Ah well, I makes my bed, I gots ta sleep in it. The thoughts come quickly, and I just as quickly turn them away. I don't want to lay there and be morbid. I distract myself by thinking about work, sex, anything but stabbing pain and struggling to call an ambulance. Anything but getting hit by a bus. Anything but a heart attack on the riverfront. Er, excuse me while I go cruise some Hugh Jackman sites. I need an adjustment.

I'm waiting for the day when I can match all the CDs in Jerwie's Rotate This in my collection. Usually I have two. Today it's the Depeche Mode and the Travis. Our musical taste intersects in many places, so I just know that someday it will look like his rotate list came right off my shelves. I don't know what I'll do that day. Something special. Probably buy CDs.