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Well that kinda sucks and doesn't suck. I was looking through my shelves for Talking Heads: Fear of Music. I'd bought it recently and hadn't had a listen. Couldn't find it anywhere...but where it should be was Bryan Eno and David Byrne's My Life in the Bush of Ghosts. Didn't remember having that one. So I pulled it out...sure enough. I'd bought the Eno & Byrne disk, but the front booklet was from Fear of Music. If I'd realized, I'd have bought it even more enthusiastically.

I'm a cat I've never heard of. But it's a cute one:

The Snowshoe is gregarious and talkative. She is always ready for fun and will regularly try to instigate a game. While her strong intellect leads her to try new things, it also causes her to become easily bored when a task is mastered. Variety is truly the spice of life for this kitty! Affectionate with others, eager to interact, the Snowshoe is always the

I've received some great feedback from my decision to go veggie. I'm excited to step in to this change. At first, I thought I should finish all the meaty stuff in my house. Okay, I did finish the pork fried rice (I'll just order veggie from now on--I love that stuff!) yesterday. Now the only thing left are a couple cans of teriyaki smoked oysters. No, I never kept much meat in the house in the first place. I'll have to carefully consider the fate of those oysters.

I remember a Bloom County featuring a kind of day in the life of Rosebud, the hound with the strap-on antlers. In the last panel, Rosie bears an expression of utmost optimism and joy and exclaims: "Tomorrow, I get to POOP again!"

Yes, it's become a major part of my personal philosophy. And that's all I'm sayin'.

On the subject of Russell Crowe: I don't give a shit how much bad press he gets. He gets it because he doesn't like the press. Well, neither do I. Russ, as far as I can tell, is a fine, fine human being. I like 'im tons and tons. All this comes to mind because the Republic of Bashkortostan (somewhere in the Russian Federation I'm told) has issued this set of stamps. No, I'm absolutely not kidding. I got this from a reputable list, and here they are for sale on eBay. Go Russ!

Remember this? I'm not going this year. I finally found the courage to say no. One of the biggest hurdles to getting out of training was the fact that I would have to admit to my boss that it was a depression trigger. Which means admitting that I have depression. Even though it's largely under control and has been for some time, I still expect to be judged for it. I don't know if that will come to pass, but I did explain that my health is more important than several days of useless (for me) training. I tried to get out of telling him of course, but that didn't work. Ah well. If anyone out there has ever had to admit a mental illness to a supervisor, I'm sure you know what I'm feeling now. Will this taint his opinion of me? Color everything I do from this point forward? I'm hoping he just forgets about it.