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For the new year, I resolve to ask telemarketers dirty questions about what they are wearing.

Okay, maybe not.

Usually my only resolution is to not make any resolutions. This year, I do have one. More of a goal than a resolution:

In 2002, I will do my utmost to make my outer life match my inner life.

How's that for deep? Note to goal-makers: this is a bad goal because it is vague. Privately, I have the breakdown. I could give everyone the specifics, but it's not everyone's business.

Love to all for the coming new year. May we have peace, find joy, and get laid repeatedly.

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I admit it: I'm a sucker for a good romance. Emphasis on good. As a rabid Angela Bassett (aka The Most Beautiful Woman on the Whole Freakin' Planet) fan, I'd meant to see How Stella Got Her Groove Back when it was in the theatre, but didn't get around to it. It slipped my mind until recently when I did a renter.

Stella is a sweet love story with a bend--the age difference between her and the love interest, Taye Diggs (yeah, he'll be getting a crush page eventually). The performances are understated and believable, and so is the story. Okay, it's predictable. Okay, it has a sappy ending. That's what you watch a love story for, isn't it?

I enjoyed it very much. If you're into the genre, and in the mood, I highly recommend Stella for a good romantic evening.

Sorry I'm not being attentive. I'm finishing up (finally!) painting the kitchen. It's gorgeous. There will be pictures soon.

I've created a new category for home stuff. We'll see if I use it. Someday, I'll get browsing by category up. But not today, for TODAY I PAINT!

Love film? So does Acquarello. Strictly Film School is a lovingly designed and compiled site by an affirmed cineaste. It is a great place to start if you want to stretch your cinematic legs. I find myself going back to Acquarello again and again for thoughtful coverage of some of my favorite directors.

Film sites are not rare. Good ones, especially produced by a single individual, are.

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After nearly ten years of dedicated service, Eightie the Eight Ball will be retiring. "I've enjoyed all your questions over the years," Eightie said tearfully, "but this is a young ball's job." Eightie's spokesman cites low fluid levels as the reason for this sudden departure.

Chosen to replace Eightie after an intense scouting process is Ballisch. While inexperienced, Ballisch's youthful vigour will bring new life to the office's fortune-telling duties. When asked for an interview, Ballisch said he was anxious to get right to work--so we asked him some questions for the new year:

  • Ballisch, will I get me some sweet, sweet lovin' in 2002?
    Yes, definitely

  • Woo! Okay, Ballisch, will I manage to paint my apartment in 2002?
    Outlook not so good

  • Hmm. Last question: Ballisch, in 2002 will civilization crumble leaving humankind to eke out an existence in a post-apocalyptic, Mad-Max world?
    It is decidedly so

Anybody got a cave I can rent?