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On Saturday, Hunter became the first person in her family -- and the first from that first-grade class -- to earn a college degree, a bachelor's in accounting from Alcorn State University. And Hunter's beloved Miss Brown was there to see it, telling her afterward: "It's a new beginning for you."

Imagine if we were all Miss Browns.


Tom of Kaibutsu came through town today, on his way to studentship in Eugene. Accompanied by his intrepid friend Corey, they met us for food at the Greek Cusina. Us being myself, Bill, and JD of foldedspace.

The food was great, and the company fun. I kinda wish I hadn't had the waitress take our picture though, because she insisted on getting the restaurant sign in there, and I didn't care about that--I wanted the people! Ah well, here we are, a bit small and blurry (with the dang sign cropped out). L-R: Corey, Tom, JD, Bill, and me in front.


I didn't even know there was an I, Robot movie in the works, until Paul got hired as Movement Coordinator.

If you're expecting a faithful adaptation of Asimov's work, don't. The script was originally a smart robot murder mystery called Hardwired (see the excellent Kuro5hin thread). Fox picked it up (at no small expense), bought the rights to the book, wrote in a few things from I, Robot, and decided it would make a good prequel to a series of robot movies. In Proyas' hands, it may well. The pros and cons:

PRO: Playing the lead of Det. Spooner (a human) is Will Smith. Y'all may not like him, but I do, and I think he's a plus for the success of this project.

PRO: Though Wil Wheaton auditioned for the part of the robot Sonny, he didn't get it. This is sad, but an equally good call, Alan Tudyk (formerly of Firefly), did.

CON: Akiva Goldsman is re-writing the screenplay. After Batman and Robin and Lost in Space, I have doubts.

PRO, HUGE EFFING PRO: Alex Proyas is directing. Booyah! By the way, Proyas has a message board on his site, where he actually answers questions.


Hi, my name is Cat, and I'm an organizer. Worse, I'm an organizer and a simplifier. You should see me go through a closet.

The past many years have been a parade of books, and lots of tweaking and working to get just the right combination of ideas and techniques to keep my life organized, simple, and low-stress. The Living category here was, in part, an outlet for all I have to say on the subject.

During my most recent round of organization (I go through the place about once a year), the husband mentioned offhand that I should write a book on the subject. I immediately rejected the idea, as I've never had the ambition or persistence to do such a thing. But the seed was planted. I figured heck, why not at least take notes. We'll see what comes of it.

Here are those notes. It's called KISS Living because that's my philosophy--Keep It Short and Simple (yeah, I know about the other version. That's my acronym and I'm stickin' to it). I'll be transferring a few of the Living entries over there. I want KISS Living to be a fusion of simplicity and organization. Tips that give you more time, with less complication. Enjoy.


Hooboy, am I ever glad to be back at work. It so BORING sitting at home, no energy to do anything.

My get well celebration has led to a ~teensy~ trip to Borders:

Okay, maybe I overdid it a little. But I'm so very happy.

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I have a goal. Something that I bet most of you think is trivial. I want to be well--no illnesses, no injuries--for six months running. I'm 38 years old and this has never happened. I loved my mom, but she wasn't so bright when she was carrying me. I'm pretty fortunate all I got from the deal was an immune system on the far edge of a normal range. It's like being constantly betrayed by my body, and it's infuriating.

There has been, through great effort, some improvement. In my 20s, I couldn't hold down better than a temp job, because I needed the freedom to be sick a lot. I'm not sick nearly every week like I was as a kid. I haven't had weeks or months out.

But still, I'm out about once a month, maybe twice. And I just seethe about it.

Since Bill came into my life, we've been making some positive transitions. I'd like to add some routines to that, and see if I can make my six-month goal. A daily multivitamin on top of my already good diet. Daily walks are no big deal, but I have to take it very easy, as I always (since I was a teenager) seem to throw out a hip or a knee, or pull a tendon. If I ride the bus, I have to wash my hands before I touch my face. The biggest hotbed of infection is work. I'm particularly vulnerable, because I have to sit at other peoples' keyboards many times a day. I'm purchasing packets of alcohol wipes, and those keyboards are getting a rubdown before I touch them. This is the only one that is going to make me feel weird--but I think it would be better for the whole office.

If these measures don't work, I'll give it some thought and add more. An herbal supplement is a possibility. I'd prefer not to go all Michael Jackson though. People think I'm weird enough.

But I am damned sick of being sick.