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I've been playing with Keyhole for a while now, and it has become a favorite toy. Sure, I go in to see if there is good resolution on the Nazca Lines (sadly, there isn't), but I end up wandering the streets of Rome.

As Keyhole expands their database, they will cover the entire world with fine resolution, and recent images. Of course when that day comes, it will be a matter of minutes before news groups spawn, listing the most likely places to find outdoor skinfests. Nude beaches will be heavily trafficked. Some hippie couple, living off the land in the wilds of Montana, could become famous!

Me, I'm a little tamer. I want to:

  • Explore the Nazca lines.

  • Search for crop circles.
  • Have a scavenger hunt, with things like a herd of elephants, or even a polar bear (eye strain!) on the list.
  • If it's possible to know when an image of a certain place is taken, I could have a guy dress up like Waldo...

Keyhole has already improved my geography skills (which suck so very much)--it is a toy for every classroom.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to Paris.

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There is still plenty of tweaking to do, but for those who like Access (or for those who don't like it much, but use it anyway), I've created a GTD database app (147k zip file).

Right now to alter context, priorities, etc., you need to know a little about Access and get into the tables. I'll release updates as I change things.

Keep in mind that this was a quick-and-dirty. I'd like it to be a lot more complete in future. If you have ideas, leave 'em in the comments (note: comments are moderated, so be patient).


Despite the fact that its numbers diverge wildly from my actual site logs, I have for years found Sitemeter to be a quick way to take a look at who is linking me. I put up with the colorful box at the bottom of each page, and the ads on their stats page. I put up with the fact that once, when I was foolish enough to pay for a premium account, I was unable to remove that pay account without writing someone. I even put up with the obvious right-wing ads.

For the last few days, Sitemeter has decided it's okay to have popup ads. Not only that, they've found a way to get past Firefox's popup blocker.

Well then, Sitemeter, fuck you. I've removed my stats box from the main pages, and it will be disappearing from the rest of the site over time. I don't begrudge their right to make money. I have never tried to hide their logo on my pages with clever CSS, and I've been a pretty faithful user, as have so many bloggers. What they apparently don't realize is that bloggers really really hate popup ads. At least this one does.

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...or for boys who like sparkly things.

Implementation of both GTD and YMOYL require the use of a handy notepad--something I like having around anyway. Notepads all over the house, no problem. But what about when I'm tooling around, purseless and packless?

Being a woman who uses her pockets, I decided to look for a keychain notepad. Most of the ones out there are very shoddy, but I found some well-made, snazzy ones sold on the cheap from Highsmith. I've been using mine for several days, and it works fabulously. The snap is secure, the cover is neato, and the pages tear out very easily for dropping off at the inbox.