Monthly Archives: August 2005

  1. My co-workers went to the 9th Circuit Technology Users Group, and all I got was a flashlight, a radio, a flashy ball, a picture holder, two notepads, and six pens. %I love schwag.%

  2. We are really enjoying having a guestroom. Used twice already! It was a good investment. We have nice faraway friends.


  1. I put together some disks for our boat trip last Saturday with John and Kelly (So fun!). At one point, Kelly said "Nice mixes, Kitty!", but I misheard him as saying: "Nixon's kitty!" We all decided that would be a cool name for a band. And that I need to get my ears checked.

  2. The Dougy Center is close to my house, and they do some very cool work. I looked them up because they are keeping their lawn green during the summer, and watering the sidewalk in the process. It's hard to be mad at people who do good things, so I'm only just the teensiest bit pissed. At least they're watering at night.
  3. Well, crap on a stick. I'd forgotten that I set my default in MT to "publish" for the Blogathon, so y'all may have seen me composing this entry. Heh.
  4. Go see Skeleton Key. Don't watch the commercials, because apparently they are awful.
  5. On my cat calendar today is a blurb about how many words kitty can understand. My favorite thing that KC understands: "Snugs?" will send her upstairs to wait on the bed.

My name hasn't always been Lucky. Up until 3 years ago my name was Marianna and I was the Commander of Ips, part of the private army 'Saints' that worked actively for the Interred Technology Council. You may not have heard of us, but that's fine, it really is better that way. I was high up in the ITC, subordinate to Gillian Laramie, our spiritual leader who we thought was going to lead us to enlightenment.
Various things that I shall go into later left the last few devotees destroyed and mutinous, and we sold Gillian out to the police, thinking that it would be the last we would see of her, letting us get on with our lives.
Then we get word through channels last week that Gillian has managed to secure her release from prison. Then we hear that she's actively recruiting again, and that it's all happening all over again, just like she always predicted.
My husband Delaney and I are scared and rightly so, we orchestrated her capture. We want to stop her, once and for all. But we need help.

More on a need-to-know basis.

I'm neither staff nor blogger this year, but I am avidly watching the Blogathon, probably all day. So is the Spousal Unit. We'll both be posting cool 'thon stuff we find throughout the day.

I want to say my favorite stuff will get a sponsorship, but there's such a rich field of fantastic blogging--and I'm not a millionaire. But I will send some $$ toward some good causes today.

Go 'thonners!