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But not for the usual reasons.

They sent a fairly large box to Paul, via me. It looked to me like an anonymous gift, and considering the source, I sure as shit was going to screen it. So I open it up, and it's a promotional package. Why? They want Paul to host material at ebaumsworld. Why again? Because they got him mixed up with the New York comedian of the same name.

Thanks, you complete fucking morons, for making me pack this back from the PO box (it came at the same time as several other packages, and made my walk back to the office pretty unpleasant). I hope you die.

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Best thing about Brokeback Mountain: some idiot movie executive didn't rename it Forbidden Love.

The Spousal Unit and I made a decision after seeing Brokeback: we should see a few more movies in the theatre. Our previous policy was that theatre viewing should be reserved for films with a high SBU factor. Seeing Brokeback in the changed our minds, because it was just a damned good experience. There's an immersive factor in a theatre that you can't get at home. You cannot comment on the film, nor pause for munchies, and that increases your involvement, making a good film even better.

I'm looking forward to the announcement of the Oscar nominations, because we'll gleefully spend President's Day weekend on a movie marathon with our friends J & K, drowning in good stories.

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I have this weakness. Okay, I have a lot of them, but right now I'm going to talk about one in particular. It's about spending money. Despite my commitment to a simplified life, I still manage to hemorrhage cash some days. I love to order delivered food, and I can piss away hundreds at Amazon. So I should tell myself to buckle down and quit it, right? Nah, that never works. Instead, I've set aside special days for particular vices, so my spending is kept to a low rumble.

For example, if left to my own devices, I can spend a bit here and a bit there at Amazon, until I've dropped a down-payment on a small independent nation without even realizing it. Instead, I now have "Amazon Day". It occurs once a month, and I have a generous-but-reasonable spending limit. For the rest of the month, I put things in my wishlist or cart and just leave them there until the 15th. Then I get a few things for myself and the Spousal Unit. It's a great time. Amazon Day once a month makes it special.

I do the same thing with D-dish, what I loves so sweet. Saturday is D-dish day, so I know we're keeping it to once a week, instead of "when was the last time we ordered? Oh, hell with it, I want Vegas rolls."

Best of all, I don't have to think about any of this stuff. I decide on the day and the frequency, then I put it in my calendar and forget about it. I know it's coming, and when it does, it's like a sweet little reward for being fiscally responsible.


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Yesterday we had the distinct pleasure of meeting the world's most photographed cat, Tina (we also enjoyed seeing her people!).

Tina was exceedingly calm and made an excellent guest. KC, of course, thought she was the Worst Thing Ever. She followed Tina around the house, serenading her with a low growl.

Pictured above is Tina the Stoner, after she's discovered some of the house catnip stash. KC, sadly, is not stoned.