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She just walked out the door. Not too much fanfare (that was yesterday), but I got a hug. I tell myself I'm not going to miss her, because I'm going to write and meet her for lunch/dinner whatever, but I still find my heart sagging a little to know I won't be able to kick back in her office with a gripe and a giggle every day. Then I immediately feel selfish, of course.

Marge is one of those people who ends up everyone's friend. Her retirement luncheon yesterday was a joyful outpouring of love from the whole office. Each of us believes we're special to her, because she makes each of us feel that way.

I'm a terrible friend. I forget to write, and I never call, but this time, I keep telling myself I'll get it right. I'll get it right, Marge, I will. Happy retirement. May you have more fun than a sun-warmed cat in a field full of butterflies.

Saw The Lake House last night. It was a sweet little romantic film. Everyone put in believable performances (yes, even Keanu), and the writing was reasonably engaging. The soundtrack sucked rocks. They played the worst of it--some awful Paul McCartney thing--again over the credits. So, unlike X3, don't stay. Strangely, though there are only two years between the lovers, the 2004 scenes with Bullock often seem like flashbacks to the 70s. It's only two years, people!

In any case, great date movie. Take your sweetie.