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Man, I totally crapped out on the 13 Nights of Halloween. I had cool themes planned and everything, but there's just been too much to do for me to write. Bit off more than I could chew.

Update on my to-do list:

Cook spicy rat guts
Finish witch hats
Make chocolate graveyard if there's time
Tie off baggies
Carve last five pumpkins

Take potluck stuff in, don't forget portable stereo
Spookluck at work
Scare kiddies at night

Sort of more managable, except tonight is nuts, and I can't leave early as I'm the only schlub here. I may have to recruit some Spousal Unit assistance.

Wanna peek at the graveyard I set up at work? Sure you do:

Dead Judges

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Carve three judge tombstones, get first coat of paint on all four.

Finish painting judge tombstones.
Carve as many pumpkins as possible (I have eight to do).

Build Deadalina.
Finish pumpkin carving.
Export Nosferatu to DVD.

Catch Screamland with Wendie.
Finish any last-minute decorating at home.
Stuff baggies.

Decorate work conference room for party.
Light yard.
Shop for Spookluck (don't forget crock pots!)
Make witch hat cookies.

Buy dry ice.
Cook colcannon, spicy rat guts.

Spookluck at work.
Frighten kiddies at night.

And here's what kills me: I HAVEN'T LEFT EVERYTHING TO THE LAST MINUTE! Seriously, I've been working steadily on stuff for quite some time. My plans are just bigger than my available time and energy.

I...I...think I'd better leave early for a few days.