Monthly Archives: October 2008

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At the end of August, we decided to sell our house. We are in a good neighborhood, home values were holding, and we just weren't living within our means anymore. Our Realtor thought it would be a quick sale. Anticipating this, I packed away everything I thought we could do without for a month. I packed quickly, without a lot of thought to what could be given away.

Well, the house isn't selling right away, so I took the opportunity to go through the boxes again. Since we'd already lived without everything in the boxes for more than a month, it was easier to see what should go and what should stay. A lot went. I had already taken two RAV-loads to Goodwill, and my culling got rid of another two loads. More than that, I let go of a ton of my books, and will be listing them for sale. All in all, I emptied more than 10 boxes. I'm happy to not be moving those boxes!