Monthly Archives: June 2009

Had a two-hour lunch of cheap (but decent) Chinese food at Golden Dragon with long-lost friends. Delivered gifts. Scored roving and petted friendly dogs. Spent $6 and 45 minutes at Knittn Kitten. There was this amazing piece of 70s vintage fabric I couldn't leave behind. I can't sew, but some things are just for inspiration.

Oh, and I spent my 40% off coupon at Borders on Skin Trade. Gonna read now. While I am reading, you can watch Al Yankovic's magnum opus. You think I'm kidding, but I'm not.

Note: Yes, I know my blog is too narrow for the vid. I don't care. Gonna change the template eventually.

The neighborhood children, who are an endless source of entertainment, were playing in the parking lot as I cleaned up the kitchen. There was much discussion to which I paid no attention, then one of the children (we don't know his name, so I refer to him is Dead-Eyed Boy, as he's not the nicest of the bunch, and does, indeed, have dead eyes) exclaimed "Holy Fucking Shit, there's someone up there!" I turned, realizing they were referring to me. They scattered, except for Eric, who waved shyly from his bicycle.