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A question for authors: what is the editing process? Not the stuff you do, but the copy-editing sweeps made before publication? Is there software involved? Is it...evil software?

Here's the thing. I noticed twice in CE Murphy's Walking Dead that the word "dredges" was subbed for the word "dregs". I hate this kind of thing. Snaps me right out of the story. Only long enough to grimace unattractively, but still, it's like a sloppy cut in a movie. Jarring.

So I see this, and I think, surely, one of my favorite authors would do no such dreadful thing.

Soon afterward, I am tearing through SJ Day's "Marked" books, and there it is again. Dredges for dregs. I'm not wrong: the phrase was "dredges of society". At this point, I became truly suspicious.

I wanted to compose a post, but I didn't take notes as I was reading (like I'd do that) (okay, I might, sometimes), so I went to Amazon to see if any of the books were searchable. Day's Eve of Darkness was. No dredges. But there was a dregs, plain as goats, right on page 220, where it should be. Looking at the version uploaded to Amazon, is it clearly earlier than the final release.

This means that some time between Amazon's version and the final release, one last sweep was made with some diabolical piece of software (because no human editor would commit such a horror), and lo, dregs became dredges.

Luna published Walking Dead, while Eve was a Tor book. What do Luna and Tor have in common? Perhaps many things. But most of all, evil, evil software.

Purchased for $5 each:

--A lot of 50 bottles of dimensional paint.
--A lot of 148 metal type pieces, including a few incomplete alphabets, and a few dozen lovely swirls and corners and flowers.
--Someone's jewelry junk box, which included yards and yards of chain, vintage brooches, bracelets, earrings, miscellaneous danglies, and a very nice cufflink/tie clasp set that I'm going to set aside for the Spousal Unit.

Oh, there will be art, yessiree.