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Bad dna

Bad dna Originally uploaded by frykitty How dominant does your asshole gene have to be to do this?

Multimedia message

Multimedia message Originally uploaded by frykitty Test in better light


Kc Originally uploaded by frykitty First moblog–testing for the road trip. Of course it’s my cat.


Toward the end of this month, I’ll be climbing into the RAV and heading for Sedona. I-84 there, Hwy 101 back, and various places in between. Here’s the route so far: That’s kind of rough, as it doesn’t show the whole route, just what I’ve managed on Roadside America’s trip planner (which rocks). I have a ton of attractions marked… (more…)

Because hey, kilts

Picture this

I am not a speed-reader. Sure, I read darned fast, but I’ve never broken the sound-barrier because I like to picture what I’m reading. I play a movie in my head. I like to know where everyone is standing, what the place looks like, and most of all, what the characters look like. Most of the time, I’ll try to… (more…)

YouTube – Touchable Holography

YouTube – Touchable Holography.

Socially Responsive Driving

You’re a good defensive driver. You follow the rules, mostly, and do your best not to hit things. Time to take it a little further, and think about driving for the greater good. Here are a couple tips to being a nice guy on the road. Tighten the line when stopped. Safe following distance does not apply when you are… (more…)


WurzelTumblr® – crystalclaire: (via grayskymorning).