Monthly Archives: October 2009

Book Recommendation: Soulless, by Gail Carriger. This alt-Victorian steampunk romp was a hoot, and I say that as someone who is not particularly taken with steampunk. Well-crafted, with tongue firmly in cheek. Miss Alexia Tarabotti is a spinster with a rare talent: her lack of soul allows her to neutralize the super...natural. Vampires go fangless and werewolves furless upon her touch. This knack, and her trusty parasol, save her from a vampire attack--by a vampire who shouldn't exist. With the help of supernatural companions, one insufferable werewolf in particular, Miss Tarabotti investigates the matter, much to her own peril.

Janie fears the sleep of others, because what they dream, she must see. In Wake, the first book of the series, Janie struggles to maintain what little life she is able, as she begins to learn some small measure of control. The unusual writing style serves the book very... well. I was sucked in by page two. It's a quick read, and one of the best I've had recently. Highly recommended.

Couldn't sleep in Coos Bay for the damned cough I've developed. And possibly because I was lonesome. Note to self: ten days is a little too long to be away from home. Anyway, I laupered myself back to Portland in the wee hours. Got here before the Spousal Unit was up for work. Got whined at and snuggled by a very happy cat.

Now I have to go find food, as the house is empty of it, and spend a few days recuperating.