Monthly Archives: February 2010

needle felted flower

needle felted flower Originally uploaded by frykitty Spent the afternoon with my friend Marj, eating Chinese food and showing her needle-felting by teaching her how to make a flower with embellishments. I should have taken a picture of hers, as it turned out much nicer. And I *like* this flower.

brown flower pendant

brown flower pendant Originally uploaded by frykitty This is my favorite thing to do with resin right now–layer vintage fabric and lace. I actually used the less-interesting part of this fabric; it has scenes from the Wizard of Oz in that same sepia tone. The pendant is 1″ square.

I Can’t Tell You What I’m Thinking

I Can’t Tell You What I’m Thinking Originally uploaded by frykitty Painted this in my 20s–don’t remember exactly when. It’s a portrait of my then-husband’s niece, at our wedding. She was kind enough to post a pic of the painting so I could see it again.


Magic Originally uploaded by frykitty Collage under resin. Illustration is from an ad in the back of a 19th century copy of Little Women. Trying to get better about photographing the stuff I’m working on, even if it’s not finished or not perfect. I’m pretty happy with this piece.

YouTube – Solomon Kane Movie Trailer HQ Official

YouTube – Solomon Kane Movie Trailer HQ Official. This looks like good fun.

tiny swirly monster

tiny swirly monster Originally uploaded by frykitty First project on the embellisher. TSM is about 8″ tall. I didn’t stretch his wings out properly for the photo–there is a little more to them.