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Because of this post at All Things Paper (which, by the way, is a fine, fine blog), I have discovered a new beautiful thing: Kolam, or Rangoli. Women draw these ephemeral patterns on the ground outside their doorsteps. Similar to sand painting, white and colored rice powder is used to create the art. Dots and lines are drawn first, to… (more…)

Bits of me

I was going through an old password list, and found some pieces of my web self. Some of these may require registration for you to see my profile. Not long ago, this list would have included a Geocities page. C’mon, you had one too, admit it. The one constant has always been I’ve been blogging here, frequently or not,… (more…)

And back again

This, I believe, is a first for me: the web brought me full-circle. I found a blank spot on Google Maps, which in Gresham means a butte.  It was nameless, and I was curious, so I went driving around, looking for good access.  Found okay access, and will explore more later.  In the meantime, I came home to try to… (more…)

Wishlist for Kindle items: Amazon, you’re doin’ it wrong

Amazon recently updated the way wishlists work; they now show release dates for print pre-orders.  Great!  At the same time, they removed any clue that Kindle pre-orders were available yet.  Oh, not great.  Here’s a snippet from my list, to show you what I mean: Wait for Dusk hasn’t been released yet.  On my wishlist, it looks exactly the same… (more…)

Letterbox Trading Cards

Beginning with the robot series, I have been putting LTCs (Letterbox Trading Cards) in with my plants as a gift for the first finder.  LTCs are like Artist Trading Cards: a tiny bit of art on a 3.5″ x 2.5″ card, except LTCs must incorporate a hand-carved stamp.  I have been making sets of 4 so I have some to… (more…)