Monthly Archives: August 2010

Interesting things

Inuit throat-singing from Ryan at Daily Ping. Mark Ryden painting Incarnation. I wish this had been twice as long, as it only gets to the rough stage of the painting. Note the full-size sketch to his left, and all the visual refs he grabs. Also, a thought about yesterday’s post: why wax? Would something like polyclay work as well?  Hmm.

Portland needs a wax museum

The world needs more wax museums.  Specifically, the world needs a wax museum in Portland.  Wax museums are cool, quirky, and weird, three things Portland is known for.  Also, I just like wax museums, and I’d like one close by. I know wax museums are a money-losing proposition, but I have an idea to overcome this, which I’ll explain at… (more…)

Link Dump

Beautiful mushroom LED lamps Gravecast is offering free spooky soundscapes to download The Bone Room Should you ever need lollipops containing parboiled scorpions. Via Kirsten Hassenfeld makes amazing things from paper.  Better than her site, is this great post from All Things Paper. Dark Geisha Costumes