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Booth: I put down the toilet seat Bones: You should put down the lid, too, otherwise you’re sending aerosolised urine and feces into the air.  You’re brushing your teeth with it. Me: Did you know this? Him: Didn’t you? Want new toothbrushes?

And when it’s done

Some time tomorrow or the next day, I will have–touch wood–completed my first novel.  Novella, technically, since it will be about 50,000 words long.  I probably shouldn’t be counting my chickens.  If I come back to this entry later with my goals unfulfilled, it will depress me.  Then I’ll quietly delete it, and hope no one notices. The chicken counting… (more…)


Snake! Originally uploaded by frykitty For a Tim Burton swap. Yes, the wheel moves.

On nanowrimo, and fantasies of being a Real Writer

As I put aside a horrible book after getting halfway through tonight, I realized that such books are encouraging: if that piece of crap can get published, surely I have a chance?  And I do have a chance.  I write well.  I’m not going to play falsely modest.  My fiction is quite readable.  The only problem with it is that… (more…)

Snowdrop LTC

Snowdrop LTC Originally uploaded by frykitty For the first swap I organized myself, specifically for embellishment nuts. This is layers of paper and glitter–no actual ink was used. Well, except for my signature stamp on the back. I feel all paper crafty.