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Not About The Book Alone

Yes, Author, I realize you don’t like it when people give low stars on Amazon for Kindle formatting issues. I know you want to be reviewed on your literary merits, or at least those things within your control. Problem is, to a reader, formatting matters. I want to see that information in a review. I also want formatting errors fixed,… (more…)

YouTube – Joueuse de Tympanon – automate

Built in 1772 by the automaton master Robert-Houdin, this beauty was owned by Marie Antoinette. She plays eight songs on the hammer dulcimer.

Best Books of 2010

Okay, we’re a few days into January, so I suppose it’s time to talk about my favorite books of 2010. First, a few words about how the heck I can possibly sort all this out. I read 510 books last year. A lot of them were novellas–about 50k words. I read at least a full-length novel per day. I’m actually… (more…)