Monthly Archives: September 2011

A Month of Spookdays: Pearl Dots Pumpkin

I love this thing. I had a couple of false starts, but the project was a lot of fun. Easy, too, if you have the right tools.  Seriously, I wouldn’t have attempted this without a Dremel and a flex-shaft attachment. Cut a large hole in the bottom of the pumpkin, so you can place it over lights.  I use electric… (more…)

A Month of Spookdays: Too Cute to Spook

I don’t know why it took me so long to pick up card making. I think it didn’t catch my interest until my friend Marj got me started. Suddenly, I had something to do with all that paper I couldn’t stop collecting. In fact, I have a deep, abiding love for most paper-crafting supplies, and making cards is a fun… (more…)

A Month of Spookdays: Blingkin

I brought home two craft pumpkins, one black and one orange. I’d never worked with these, and wanted to do something other than just carving a face in the front. I asked myself, what do I have a ton of? Two things: big rhinestones and purple iridescent pony beads. Don’t know if I’ll use the beads yet, but here are… (more…)

A Month of Spookdays: Tiny Tombstones

I had a couple of old, primitively-sculpted sprigs from several years ago that I was itching to use, though I think the text stamped one is my favorite.  Polyclay, about 2″ tall.  I’m just in love with these. They will make a fine tiny cemetery. For my next project, I took out my large peanut-butter jar full of silvery rhinestones. … (more…)

A Month Of Spookdays: Something Old

I was looking for headstone shapes, and dug this up from 2006, back when I was making headstones from insulating foam.  These have all gone to friends, and I still think they’re awesome.  Eaton Biabear? Felinda Woodchipper? Ha, I crack me up.  And now I’m going to use these shapes to make something much, much smaller.  More later.

A Month of Spookdays: Polyclay Haunted House

Polyclay Haunted House Originally uploaded by frykitty What I’ve been working on this weekend. Pretty happy with the result.