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A Month of Spookdays: The Midnight Archive

Oh, what a wonderful thing I found today via Morbid Anatomy. The Midnight Archive is a web show of the unusual and unique. I’ll embed the teaser, but I’ll leave the rest for you to explore at their site.

A Month of Spookdays: Weird Science

  I was going to give you a post full of craft video goodness today, but I got totally distracted by the amazing Steve Spangler. Here are some cool and probably very messy things to do with the kids (or, you know, the not-kids) for Halloween. First up, oozing pumpkins: How disgusting is that? Next, some serious fun with dry… (more…)

A Month of Spookdays: Entryway Display

  The awesome gryphon is there year-round. As are the vases in the background you shouldn’t be looking at. So, here we have the countdown calendar I got at the craft fair, the famous Blingkin, and some other sparkly odds and ends. I wanted this to be a glittery table. Only one link today. I was cruising through the other… (more…)

A Month of Spookdays: Charming

I’ve collected a lot of gorgeous Halloween and Dia de los Muertos beads and charms this year. What to do, what to do…oh wait, I’ve had this charm bracelet kit sitting around for years! I think these beads are from my awestruck trip to Shipwreck Beads. If you are within, say, six hours of this place, it’s worth the trip.… (more…)

A Month of Spookdays: Wenzel Farms and Davis Graveyard

You can’t see it, but there’s a fearsome witch behind us. That’s me in the back, our friend Anna in front, and Bill (The Spousal Unit) over on the right. We are at the witch house at the Wenzel Farms Fantasy Trail. Every Halloween and Christmas, Wenzel Farms transforms over 1000 feet of trail into a holiday funhouse. The trail… (more…)

A Month of Spookdays: Craft Fair Loot

Dropped by the Kerri Foland Scholarship Craft Fair at MHCC today and spent way too much. Not sorry. The Halloween countdown calendar is by Kimzey Kreations. The front is a changeable plate, and I will definitely want a new plate for Christmas. Sadly, she doesn’t yet have an online presence, but if you’re desperate to have one of these gorgeous… (more…)

A Month of Spookdays: The I-Can’t-Be-Arsed Moment

Something I’ve noticed about most scary movies I’ve watched: there’s always at least one moment of sheer stupidity. I’m not talking about the coed exploring the basement at night, when the electricity is out, and she’s just heard a strange noise, and most of her friends have been killed. I’m talking about lazy writing so dumb it almost seems deliberate.… (more…)

A Month of Spookdays: The Peculiarium

Yesterday, I discovered the existence of The Peculiarium. Naturally, I had to get there as quickly as possible. The door says “Est 1972”, but who really knows. What I do know is it’s a delightful little shop. There you can get a hot dog and some ice cream, as well as big foot candy and all sorts of other oddities.… (more…)

My favorite Halloween decoration

Old cat in the sunshine Originally uploaded by frykitty Our 16-year-old cat, KC, finds a sunny spot. (yes, I’ll get back to project posts soon!)

New glasses!

New glasses! Originally uploaded by frykitty Same old lurking husband.