Monthly Archives: April 2012

Around the interwebs

Very cool stop-motion vid from Jamie Caliri for The Shins:     Nick Cave’s Shamanic Sound Suits (sorry, Spousal Unit, not that Nick Cave):     Urban Geodes:     Stunning porcelain art dolls from Marmite Sue:     Finally, a spooky little automaton by Thomas Kuntz:  

Make Believe

Ze Frank has resurrected A Show, and the internet rejoices. Today’s Show was about make believe:   This is something I’ve never had trouble with, much to the Spousal Unit’s frequent consternation. For example, I am convinced the Custom House in downtown Portland is full of spies. Look at it: Looming there with its stony edifice and its formal courtyard.… (more…)

Studio Tour

I really need to put some stuff on the walls.