Monthly Archives: June 2013

Rainy Sunday, Mi Pueblo, Verizon

We have been having a good old tropical rain storm all friggin’ day. Sunshine State my ass. At least it’s warm. Also, even though it’s pouring down rain, there still tends to be sunlight coming from somewhere, so it’s not really dark. Went phone shopping at the Verizon store, only to find that they were out of most of the… (more…)

Farmer’s Market!

Sarasota has an adorable downtown. They’ve worked hard to make it a walking city, with nice sidewalks, small shopfronts lining the streets, and public art. There’s also plenty of parking, because the public transport sucks beach balls. The Sarasota Farmers Market was good sized, and had a nice variety. When other markets seem to have been taken over by flower… (more…)

Food in Sarasota

We’ve been eating out way too much. The food here is pretty damned good. Since is not quite upgraded enough to update, I’m going to summarize our food adventures so far, and transfer it over there later. No pictures, no notes. Gonna fix that, as our goal is to go to a new place every time we venture out.… (more…)

Facebook abuse

Been posting a little too much to facebook lately, so I thought I’d linkdump here. Melbourne in tilt-shift Hybrid creatures of Ellen Jewett Jessica Lloyd Jones anatomical neon Garlic Lamp Neon Waterfalls That’s enough for now.

Tiny Death

Just got a little sunburn watching Accushred NW destroy thirteen years of my online life. I took the box of seven hard drives out to the truck myself. They fit in a shoe box. I live so much of my life online. I have friends I’ve never met in real life, but are as close as family. I met my… (more…)