Monthly Archives: June 2014

Rainier is Trying to Kill Me

I often seek out new experiences to add to the richness of my life. Last night, I’m utterly thrilled to say, I experienced my first ambulance ride. At first, I tried to muscle through a bastardly case of food poisoning, but when consciousness threatened desertion, I gave in. “Biiii. Buhhh! Brriii,” I called from my throne of despair. Bill heard… (more…)

End of an Era

I have deadline anxiety. Weeping, swearing, teeth-gnashing anxiety that can last for weeks, and worries the hell out of the Spousal Unit. It doesn’t matter if the deadline is casual or important–with rare exceptions, they have the same devastating effect. At about 4am this morning, I got rid of my last deadline. I’d been planning a letterboxing event for this… (more…)

Adventure Saturday: Nurseries

It was kind of a mini Adventure Saturday today. We’d planned to visit two nurseries. We ended up at three nurseries and a farmer’s market. On our way to the first nursery, we discovered the Old Myakka Farmers Market. It was small, but there was lots of goodness. We left with honey, eggs, and veg, all directly from the folks… (more…)