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France Papillon

France Papillon is one of the first artists I followed when I started art journaling. Her style is unique, and her videos are watchable. Here is the latest.

Cosmo the Fox

You may have seen this fella around Tumblr or Pinterest.  His name is Cosmo, and he was photographed by Igor Shpilenok. Here are a few more pictures. Hat tip to Melissa for sending me the pin!

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Discover a Lovelier You, Chapter 2–Your Face: The Two-Way Mirror

One thing that continually surprises me as I re-read this book is how little has changed.  The Clean-Tone-Moisturize routine for oily skin (that’s meee!) is still recommended.  To hold off the march of time, avoiding smoking, hard liquor, and the sun are still on point. One big difference, though: “By the way, if you’ve read a few frightening articles about… (more…)

My Fiiiish!

Last week, we were watching a Great Blue Heron by the pond at the Spousal Unit’s work. He was a mid-sized Bluey, and he had caught himself a big ol’ catfish. Not sure it tasted very nice, because he kept putting it back in the shallows to rinse it, and then swishing his beak as well. Then he’d pick it… (more…)

Gelli Printing with DIY Foam Stamps

Though I wouldn’t use their special foam stuff–I would just use takeout containers.  I love my Gelli Plate, and I love the Gelli Arts channel. Always inspiring.

Ground Squirrels by Julian Rad

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Discover a Lovelier You, Chapter 1: Just the Way You Are

We all become nostalgic for the things of our childhood. For me, it was two things in particular: an album of western themes, and the book Discover a Lovelier You. I kept thinking about bits from the book, until eventually I found a used copy. I remembered every picture, and great swaths of text. There are twelve years between me… (more…)

Opalized Fossils

If I had a pet pliosaur, I would name him Eric, right before he killed and ate me. In 1987, a miner in Coober Pedy discovered Eric’s seven-foot skeleton. Now, if you know anything about Coober Pedy, you know they mine opals there. And that’s what the miner found: Eric had been completely opalized. I think I first heard of… (more…)