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Links: 29 May 2015

The Flower House Project

Jason Morgan Paints a Snakey

David Beattie, The Fire Hare

Australian Story: The Irwin Encounters

Can’t embed this one, but click the pic for a 30-minute documentary about Steve Irwin’s croc team, his dad, Bob, and how they finally reconnect after Steve’s death. It’s good, but bring tissue. Hat tip to the Spousal Unit.

Jun Mitani

Links, 15 May 2015



A recent MetaFilter thread introduced me to Khayamiya, the art of Egyptian applique, as practiced by the Tentmakers of Cairo. Once used to decorate the interiors of the tents of nobles, the famed Tentmakers now create smaller applique works, selling them on the Chariah-el- Khayamia in Cairo. There are less than a hundred men now practicing this magnificent craft. Kim Beamish has made… (more…)

Playing Card Accordion Book

I was enchanted with this idea of a playing card accordion book, so I decided to make one myself. This was a lot of fun. One note: the post office does not like playing cards, as they are too small. One got returned as unsendable, and the rest arrived postage due. So you can mostly get away with it if… (more…)

DALeast, Gaiad

  PS: frytopia turned 15 years old yesterday.