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Grand Prismatic Spring

  I may have subscribed to the Smithsonian channel.

Miya Ando’s “Obon”

Links: 12 June 2015

  Bearded dragon bites Steve Irwin on the nose.   Booklandia Trailer from SOJC on Vimeo. Via Kari     Tempescope ambient weather display.   Born Like Stars from Brent Hoff on Vimeo. The beautiful birth of deep-sea squid.

Fairy Doors

I know I’m often the Queen of Creep, but I also have a softer side. Believe it or not, I subscribe to Faerie Magazine.  I love the idea of worlds hidden from our own–especially right under our noses. I haven’t made one yet, but I adore (see what I did there?) fairy doors. So I thought I’d hunt around for… (more…)

Marthe Armitage, Handmade Wallpapers

  Thanks so much, Ivy, for sending this to me.  

Diana Sudyka, Blackfox

Lizard Shirt

Not much in the way of links this week, as I’ve been too busy to surf. Busy making a lizard shirt for the Spousal Unit’s birthday, which seems to be developing into an annual tradition. I made this year’s shirt with Sulky Iron-On Transfer Pens. You draw on regular paper, then transfer the pattern with heat. Marvy also makes a… (more…)

Sascha Duensing

Sascha Duensing, aka Sirius-sdz, makes textures for use in digital art. I’ve bought a couple of his packages, even though I’m not a digital artist, because I just love looking at them. Most of his work reads like abstract painting. Lights dance, beckoning us to a mysterious world. Stories unfold in slashes of line and color. His world is lashed… (more…)

Magnetic Fields

  Aeon asks what the world would look like if we could see magnetic fields? This wonderful animated overlay is narrated by several experts on magnetism.

Closing In, Lindsey Kustusch