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The Billion Bug Highway You Can’t See

Look Up! The Billion-Bug Highway You Can’t See from NPR on Vimeo. Neat visualization of something most folks don’t know exist, though I admit I had wondered.

Greyfox, by Jacki Just-Pienta

Links: 10 July 2015

MaKars Studio

Irena and Andrey carve lovely things in their studio in Ukraine. Here are a few of my favorites from their Etsy shop:

Calling Cards: 19th Century Voicemail

In the early 19th century, England imported calling cards from France. It was yet another thing to have fussy manners about, and soon there were complex¬†rules and ways of showing how classy you were with a small rectangle of paper. Calling was a complicated business. Early afternoon for sort-of-friends, a bit later for friends. Cards were given to a servant.… (more…)

How to Tie a 200-Pound Turban

Baba Avtar Singh shows off his enormous…turban. This is pretty cool. You can tell he just does it for exhibition purposes though. Otherwise he’d have no neck.

Octauius Swordtail

Links: 3 July 2015

  Yeah yeah, another drone video. But it’s coooool!


Ashes2Beauty is a bronze charm¬†shop, and they carry some of the more unusual pieces I’ve seen, including doll parts. They have an especially large selection of eyes. Other neat doo-dads abound. Most of it has a nice, primitive feel. I’m dying to grab some of this stuff for my art.

Society Silk

I learned a new phrase yesterday: Society Silk. Popular in the late 19th and early 20th century, this was a realistic style of embroidering botanicals, using single-strand silk thread. It reminds me very much of Chinese silk painting, which was popular at the time. I’ve been looking more into needle arts–not because I want to quilt–but because I want to… (more…)