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  Indoor kitty gets to hunt her food. Via Ivy.


GetSTUFT makes fantastic nerdy goodies, like this Shuma-Gorath plushie, and this Mario Star Tree-Topper, but what I want to show you are the bearded dragon clothes. Because adorbs. Of course there are wings. I like that wing/spike set. Here’s something for the Potter fans. Candygram. And of course, a dapper outfit for Halloween.


The original idea for this post was “Victorian letter folding,” but the tradition of single-sheet letter and envelope combinations goes back much further. Putting several pieces of paper into a separate envelope is fairly recent. The trick is to have a letter that will stay closed through the mail. There were dozens, if not hundreds, of variations on the craft.… (more…)

Batman Pumpkin Carving


Sharon Halliday