Monthly Archives: January 2016

Black Dragon Hatchling by Dallia Art

Links, 22 jan 2016

Anselm Kiefer’s Art Studio

  It’s more like an installation. Reminds me of HR Giger’s backyard. ┬áh/t Dawn.

Polar Bears by Dennis Fast

Links, 15 jan 2016

Silvan Arts

If you like the faerie/Celtic aesthetic, the lovely work of Silvan Arts may appeal.

Nick Cave’s Soundsuits (not that Nick Cave)

Via the Spousal Unit, who was no doubt looking for the usual Nick Cave.

Bowerbird’s Grand Dance

Man, I love these critters  

Links, 8 jan 16

Via Latte Art

Found this shop through one of my polyclay groups. She does lots of darling things, but I like the owls best.