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Links, 12 feb 2016

Noas Glass

I love this style of glass bead. Even the lampwork is unusual. Gorgeous.

Mate Burilado

  Mate burilado is the Peruvian elaborate art of gourd carving. Charring is a common technique, along with more complex pyrography, and dyeing.  

The Genius of Turner


Saturniidae Moth Caterpillar

Links, 05 feb 2016

Enchanting Adornments

Dorset Buttons

Every once in a while I find an intriguing craft I’d never heard of, and of course, I have to try it. Dorset buttons originated in the 17th century, and were made and used through the 19th century, until mass-produced buttons became readily available. I’m not entirely sure I did my rounding properly, but I don’t think it much matters,… (more…)

The Pre-Raphaelites Documentary

Well, crud. The Andrew Lloyd Webber documentary on the Pre-Raphaelites got blocked in the US. It was excellent, but this one is okay, too.    

Mark Doolittle