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Links, 29 April 2016

  Korean makeup artist transforms herself into Taylor Swift  

Dragons for the Garden

First, you have to make sure the dragons know they’re welcome. Next, send up a signal. If the dragons fly close by, you might be able to use something small: If that doesn’t work, go bigger. Dragons like s’mores, so if you make some in one of these, they will definitely see you on their nightly fly-over. With luck, you’ll… (more…)

Su-Jeong Nam


Sorry posting has been sparse. Been working on a project, but it’s done now, so back to routine, I hope.    

Spintop Snipers

Hat tip to Godda on this one.

The Owlvengers

Walter Potter, The Man Who Married Kittens

I admit that though it is hip, I am not so much into taxidermy. But this guy–this is some amazing outsider art. Click through for the 20-minute documentary from Morbid Anatomy.

Evelyn Wong

Chair My Heart

Chair My Heart takes vintage chairs and upholsters them in funky fabric. I absolutely love this style, and want every thing in this shop. Everything.

Gaël Giudicelli, Punishment of Sins: Lust