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Links, 27 may 2016

Sakura in Tokyo from the air. Sue Jackson passed away earlier this year. This is why she was beloved to the world of automata.

Piggies, Little Blues, and Green Quesadillas

First, piglets Something I never really thought about seeing: wild pigs. They are everywhere here, though they are shy, so you don’t see them often. A few days ago, we got to see a passel of piglets, out without their parents. Sneaky buggers. They ran into the woods when we pulled up in the parking lot beside the grassy area,… (more…)

Sacred Harp

Sacred Harp is some of the earliest American folk music. Glorious, harmonic, a capella yelling. ┬áIt is being revived, of all places, in Ireland. The immortal Alan Lomax recorded a bit in the 40s: In the 80s, Sacred Harp was performed in African-American churches by the Wiregrass Singers (video starts a minute in, after the preaching about saving our young… (more…)

Making a Kaleidoscope

Bet you could do this at home.    

New Jellyfish

And he’s total mod design inspiration: Via Colossal.

Spring Babies

Just grabbed a bunch of photos off the car camera. We keep the one with the better zoom in the glove box. We have had the pleasure to meet many new critters this spring: These are the Traffic Cranes, so called because they are usually near or in the road. Papa is outside the frame. This was taken on April… (more…)

Where the Sam Hill have I been?

I have a good excuse: we had a beardie in the hospital. Our girl Portia had a prolapse we couldn’t fix after her last clutch (infertile–we are not breeding her). Turns out, that wasn’t all that was wrong. She had a terrible downturn, and we rushed her to a hospital in Tampa, an hour away. She had egg yolk peritonitis,… (more…)

Elspeth McLean

I wish she had some stones up in her Etsy shop, because they sure are pretty. She has a way with color.

Terra Cotta Luminaries

This looks like kind of a pain, but if you have a bunch of these little pots around, it could be a project.  

Sky Magic

  Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.