Ah, Quills. What a pleasure of a movie. What a joy. What sheer delight. What incredible creepiness.

Quills is a fictional account of the Marquis de Sade’s time in an insane asylum. The only flaw in this remarkable film–and this is only my personal take–is that the people I wanted to see naked didn’t get naked, and the people I didn’t want to see naked did. Like I said, that’s merely my personal preferences. And I’m mostly joking.

I haven’t yet seen Pollock (though I had a great dream about Ed Harris last night–ahem–sorry), but I suspect that Rush is my pick for Best Actor. His portrayal of the Marquis was magnetic and flawless. Supporting roles by Kate Winslet and Joaquin Phoenix shined so brightly it is hard to call them “supporting”. This was more of an ensemble piece, both in screen-time and in the intricate bonds created between these fascinating characters. I should include Sir Michael Caine in the ensemble as well–he and his young wife are just as enslaved by the influence of the Marquis, though a bit more to the side.

Beautfully plotted, written, and executed–do not miss this film.

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