You know how cats seem

You know how cats seem to have an uncanny sense for knowing who is allergic or just hates them, then making a bee-line for that very person?

Well, once again, the Baby Brigade is camped outside my office door. It happens whenever one of my beloved co-workers procreates, usually the first time they bring in the baby. Mind you, this is a big office, with yards and yards of hallway. Why I get targeted I have no idea. It was a bit of a surprise this time. I had the door closed, and when I opened it to run an errand, I discovered a hoard of people outside. At least they weren’t making a lot of loud, annoying cooing noises.

How can I be such a curmudgeon? Why don’t I like children? Oh, gimme a break. I don’t have to like children. I have almost no maternal instinct, and only in rare moments do I even think the little monsters cute. Mostly, I think they’re noisy. But my real reasons run deeper than that. I truly, truly believe there are too many of us on this planet. Of course, everyone has the right to his or her opinion. While I feel strongly about overpopulation, I would of course never interfere with someone else’s breeding instinct, nor would I insult their children, etc., etc. I won’t be out bombing any fertility clinics, no matter how much I disagree with their mission. On the other hand, folks with five kids are not among my friends. Also, I find as I get older, I get less tolerant. That’s probably a bad thing, but there it is.

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