I live next to a

I live next to a train station. Right next to a train station. Yet I don’t hear the trains. That should give you some idea of how fucking loud my neighbor’s music was at 2:30 am. Rattling my walls and giving me a headache. Did I get up, get dressed, and go yell at them? Hell no. I’ve learned through many years of apartment living that some people are too stupid to deal with directly. I waited for some other brave soul to do it, and today, I file a complaint. This is the type of place where if you get so many, you’re out. I’ll also check to see if the complex has a number I should call, or if I should just say fuggit and call the cops.

For those of you who are thinking I’m a nark, and my actions will get some poor sop thrown out–you’re right, and that’s the idea. I have absolutely no sympathy for someone that oblivious. Frankly, unless my upstairs neighbors are brilliant in some way and making tremendous contributions to the planet, I don’t think they belong here. Not in the complex, but on the planet. If it doesn’t add, it subtracts.

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