I think I’ve decided why

I think I’ve decided why I don’t buy reincarnation. It has nothing to do with the concept itself, which I think is elegant, hopeful, and even intuitively attractive. Nope, I don’t buy it because of a cardinal mistake committed by those who believe. A mistake regarding me.

Whenever I meet someone who believes in reincarnation, they inevitably pronounce me an old soul. This could be for a couple reasons. First, it could be vanity–they think they’re pretty cool and must be an old soul, they like me, so I must be an old soul too. The other possibility is that I just have them fooled. I’m good at charisma.

But charisma is where it stops. Sure, I’m smart and I’ve done some pretty interesting things–but on the whole, I’m really a big loser. No, no this isn’t low self-esteem talking. This is a person who can spend all weekend at home watching rented movies and eating bagels, okay? L-O-S-E-R. That’s my life and I’m in it.

So back to reincarnation–there’s no way an “old soul” is gonna be a loser. Ghandi, Martin Luther King, Jr., Joe Dominguez, these folks get out there and do it. They make a difference and follow their dreams. I just muddle along doing my best to live by my principles. I get a little better at it every year. But I don’t make the big points. If there is reincarnation, I’m kind of a middlin’ soul. Probably lower-middlin’. It’s a lovely idea, and I wish I could believe…but if those who do believe are so deluded as to think I’m Ghandi, well, what am I supposed to think?

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