Saw The Dish yesterday with

Saw The Dish yesterday with Janie. What a wonderful film! I’ll try to remember to write more about it over in the movie blog if I get a chance. Ended up at Tower, but didn’t buy anything. Not that I didn’t look…but lately everything I’m interested in these days is at Chaos, and nowhere else.

Also had a great conversation with a friend this weekend. On the phone. Those who know me are now thinking: “Cat on the PHONE?? No way!” But it’s true. I think I hit my phone quota for the year. We’d both been feeling isolated, and it all rushed out in an hour of interesting babble. Okay, maybe only interesting to us. For example: “I wish they’d get past the part where he stumbles into the girl’s bedroom and steps in a pile of bras, and get to the part where the giant robots blow up stuff.” Hmm…maybe that’s universally interesting. You guys into giant robots?

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