Tonight’s the big night. Or

Tonight’s the big night. Or one of them. There have been a few big nights throughout my career as a die-hard Trekker. I’ve been there through cool and uncool, from TOS to Voyager. Seven years ago, my house was filled with pink balloons–the theme was “It’s a Girl!” for the new captain. I should have scanned in a couple of pics, it was a great party. Tonight will be quieter. I’m no longer the captain of a large ST club, and I’ve drifted away from most of those folks. Except for Kelly. He and I will have dinner and watch the end of Star Trek: Voyager. The show hit its stride in the last few years–I’ve really enjoyed watching. I’ll probably get a little teary-eyed tonight, just because. Then I’ll get ready for Scott Bakula to take over. Maybe I’ll throw a party.

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