My standard sig on my

My standard sig on my personal mail includes the URL to this site. Sometimes I send an email to someone for whom that sig is inappropriate, so I change it. Sometimes I forget to change it. Going through my referrer logs early this morning, I saw a hit from a familiar email client. At first I thought: “Shit, hope he’s not easily offended.” On further rumination, I decided it was no big deal. Yeah, this site can be raw at times, but mostly it’s just inane. Ooh, I got a Blogger shirt. Ooh, I saw the Star Trek finale. Ooh, my pants are on fire for ____. You have to dig a bit to get inside my head. But even if people dig, I don’t mind. If I didn’t want folks to know, it wouldn’t be on the web. And believe me, I do keep a lot of stuff off the site. Ha, you thought it was all here, din’tya?

In any case, if you’re poking around again (I bet you know who you are), I don’t mind. Poke away.

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