I’ve listened to the David

I’ve listened to the David Byrne disk about four times now. I don’t have a lot of history with Byrne, so keep in mind that I don’t have the context of his overall body of work. I don’t know how it happened, but some time in my distant past I found him inaccessible. Well I’m going to be accessing everything after this. Here are a couple things I can tell you about this album. First, it makes me feel good. Really, really good. Like he’s got subliminals in there. Second, I can’t stay still while it’s playing. Seriously, my leg is pistoning as I type. The craftsmanship on these songs is astounding. He is at the top of his lyrical dexterity. I find myself becoming familiar with catchy hooks much more quickly than usual. I tend to listen to disks in the background of whatever I’m doing–it can take me a day on repeat before I pick out faves. After just a few listenings, I’m getting ready for a sing-along. It may be lighter fare than expected–lots of tropical beats, and even some classic disco devices here and there. It works. And did I mention it makes me feel good?

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