Went out wearing my Blogger

Went out wearing my Blogger shirt, hoping some fellow web geek would recognize me. Apparently they were all home blogging. As I was getting on the bus for home, I saw a very confused squirrel on the sidewalk, rushing from door to door. I think he would have gone into a building if the opportunity presented itself. He was happy enough. Squirrels in Portland are fearless. Speaking of Portland, I think I’ve become an honorary city guide. I’ve often directed strangers here and there. Been happy to walk that little old lady to her car when she’d parked in a dangerous spot. But it was always an occasional thing. Now it’s constant. I think there are two things at work: First, I live by the train AND bus stations, so there are a lot of touristas in my immediate vicinity. That doesn’t cover the fact that I get asked for directions all over the city. The second thing is that I’ve become the city. Since I’ve moved back downtown, a strange melding has taken place, and I’ve become an appendage of Portland. This is apparently obvious to everyone. So of course, if you want to know where to get cheap clothes, how to get to the Rose Garden or Powell’s Books, or where Couch Street is, you ask a walking, talking piece of the sidewalk. I know I would.

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