It should be obvious at

It should be obvious at this point that I’ve been in a CD-buying mood. I ventured out at lunchtime today up to Everyday Music, and went rifling through their skuf bins. Bought a few there, and a few new:

Andy Summers and John Etheridge: Invisible Threads

I’ve only heard bits of post-Police Andy, but it’s been interesting. For $4.25, it was worth a shot.

Cake: Prolonging the Magic

I long ago decided I needed to add Cake to my music collection. I haven’t heard this disk, but it looks like I screwed up. The reviews are scathing, and on top of that I bought the “clean” version. Lucky me. Again, not much of a loss at $4.25. I love skufs.

Matthew Sweet: 100% Fun

It took a few years before I was no longer sick of “Sick of Myself”. Now I want to hear it again.

Talking Heads: Fear of Music

Thus begins my Byrne collection. I said I would, and I will.

Sigur Ros:

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