Tracy did an incredibly nice

Tracy did an incredibly nice thing by sending me Myst III. If only Ubisoft were as nice. Many, many people are having trouble running this game. I had problems too, and I’m not exactly ignorant. I figured out that I had to wait for the next patch, and I did. Several days beyond when it was promised. When it finally came, I installed it only to get a different error entirely. Disappointed but still confident, I wrote Ubisoft’s support address with all the facts, my system specs, and everything I’d done. Apparently they didn’t read it, because they recommended I do something that I said I’d done. Typical of an automated system. Note to companies: AUTOMATED CUSTOMER SUPPORT NEVER, NEVER, NEVER WORKS. At the bottom of the note is their little out: “If we do not hear from you within 48 hours we will assume your problem has been resolved.” Well, they heard from me. Their reply?

“Your reply did not process correctly. Please REPLY to this message
and enter the text between the specified lines. Your message has
been included below.”

Way below, because it took me a couple of notes to figure it out. After a few bounces, I sent a note to and told them their customer support was abusive. I feel sorry for anyone trying this that just wants to play the fucking game, and doesn’t know a lot about computers.

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