Reading list: The Book of

Reading list:

  • The Book of Rob

    “I love the song because I watch the Chubbin sleep and I can’t imagine what goes on inside her little head. It is as much of a mystery to me as what she thinks about when she is awake, seeing things for the first time and trying to figure them out. (We recently discovered dandelions, which blow her mind.)”

  • interrobang

    “We talked about the value of academic research — it satisfies curiosity and helps you keep your job — as well as its overvaluation by victims of EDS/JFS. Researching the organization and dissemination of information is not brain surgery.2 No one’s going to die if you make a mistake, but at the same time, no one’s life is going to be appreciably, visibly improved.”

  • Moxie

    “Good god! A conspiracy by fat women? How dare they not accept the 30% casualty rate to take our drug to try and look skeletal in a bikini.”

  • Unsupported

    “But, school went on, I have a but load of homework that I continue to refuse to do until the very last minute. Which should make for an interesting weekend. My car is shaking like an alcoholic that’s been sober only two hours. God knows what’s wrong there. urgh, I just need a day off. Yeah if I can sleep in late just once I think everything will right itself again.”

  • Tangled

    “There is a three-bladed, yellow stryofoam boomerang in the tree outside my window. It’s perched, precariously, in the branches some thirty or forty feet off the ground over the neighbor’s side yard. They’ve got kids, and I wonder if they’ve forgotten about the day it became lodged up there. Were they upset, or was it just another event in a long afternoon of throwing and catching, running and chasing?”

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